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Oppo Excellence Meet 2018 – History of Oppo

Oppo Excellence Meet 2018 – History Of Oppo

MediaTalking was invited to witness Oppo’s Excellence meet 2018 and it was an experience to remember! The event not only made us aware about the great history of Oppo but it also was a good example for a well managed recognition and rewards program.

The Event:

Oppo’s “Excellence Meet 2018” was organized to recognize and reward all the star achievers of Oppo during the year 2018. Another objective of organizing this event was to bring about awareness, and sense of pride about the history of oppo. The program was aimed to its dealers, distributors, promoters, employees among others.  The event commemorated 5 years of Oppo in Karnataka. The meet was held at the spacious Ocean hall auditorium with a seating capacity of around 2000 people at Swiss town, Devanahalli. The whole event was built around the Oppo’s theme, and everything from the entrance to the seating arrangement had an ‘Oppo feel’ attached to it. The center attraction of the auditorium was the giant 54 feet x 12 feet LED screen which was painted green by the Oppo logo which was regularly flashed on it.

The entrance of the Ocean hall was designed in the shape of a smartphone. One could not miss the festive atmosphere as soon as one entered the venue. There was live music playing on a small stage that was set-up on the lawn. There were around 5 different types of games that were available to be played. Mini golf, round dart, bowling, skateboards and so on were organized in the open area in front of the auditorium.  An almost filmy set up was created showcasing the Christmas tree, Christmas doll, Dogs dragging the sled, Mysore Palace, Dasara celebrations, look-alikes of Oppo smartphones and so on. There was a quiz session about the history of Oppo and cute gift hampers were waiting to be won for every right answer. Snacks counters which were set up at the peripherals of the open area served mouth-watering pav-bhajis, sandwiches, tea, coffee and so on.

The sequence of events:

05:30 p.m.: Video about the journey of Oppo Karnataka prepared by Undigit media solutions.

As the video started playing, the whole auditorium was ringing with the sound of loud applause. Oppo started in the year 2004 and the history of Oppo draws references from China. As soon as the word, “Oppo” appeared on the screen, whistles went around in the auditorium. Further, the amazing growth story of Oppo received the loudest cheers. The ‘history of Oppo’ video showed all major events and launches since its inception. The 6-minute video showcased the launch of several models of Oppo including the recent launches like the sF series and the A series. The video gave a comprehensive overview about the history of Oppo. As it was the inaugural video, it set the tone for the entire evening. The video made every Oppoer’s heart swell with pride!

05:36 p.m.: Symbolic inaugural lamp dance for Lord Ganesha

‘Energy group’ brought the much-needed energy and enthusiasm to the crowd through their power packed dance performance. While the buzz was mostly about the ‘history of Oppo’ at this stage, the Chinese technology major scored a brownie point by organizing a beautiful salutation to Lord Ganesha. This gesture made its Indian audience happy.

05:46 p.m.: Motivational speech by Oppo Karnataka CEO, Mr.Jun Yang

The CEO of Oppo Karnataka, Jun Yang rendered an enthusiastic speech in Chinese which was translated into English, sentence by sentence. Mr. Yang told that in the history of Oppo, the year 2018 was a special one as new barriers were broken during this time. He thanked all Oppoers for making it happen. He told that it was possible due to the consistent hard work put up by his team. He observed that Oppo is growing stronger and stronger as a brand, every year. He asked all the Oppoers to be proud of the rich history of Oppo. He also thanked the families of Oppoers for the sacrifices that they had to make while supporting his employees. He exclaimed that the mutual trust between the company and its employees is the single core factor which has brought the company thus far. He thanked the dealers and distributors for the extraordinary outcomes in 2018. All the partners were thanked. Looking into 2019, the CEO said that the service system would be improved and said that the company aims to make more profit to ensure good growth for its employees. He also said that the company is prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2019.

06:00 p.m.: A Dance performance by Energy group

06:10 p.m.: Motivational video for employees / Oppoers

A well made 5-minute video about the importance of dedication, devotion and hard work was played. It was a thanksgiving video for all Oppoers. They also showed some glimpses from the rich history of Oppo.

06:15 p.m.: 1st set of Awards

If one looks at the history of Oppo, it has always been a brand focusing on delivering high quality camera phones. The year 2018 saw several key models like F7, F9 Pro being launched in India and the star performers from the marketing teams of those phones were rewarded.

  1. Oppo F7 team: About 35+ people who were the promoters/ management executives/team leaders in the F7 marketing team were rewarded for their achievements. Achievers were from various regions of Karnataka like Bangalore, Mysore, and
  2. Oppo F9 Pro team: Channel manager Andy came on the stage to honor the marketing geniuses of F9 Pro. About 10 star performers mostly from Bangalore and Kolar regions were rewarded.
  3. Oppo Experience Consultants: The face of Oppo to the external world is their experience consultants and the top executives in this category from Bangalore, Mysore, Shivamogga, and Mangalore regions were recognized.
  4. Diwali sales awards: The best marketing personnel from Hubli, Bijapur, and Raichur regions were first rewarded for their performance during the last Diwali. Then, around 10+ achievers mostly from Mysore region grabbed the award. Further, the top performers from Mangalore, Shivamogga, and Kolar regions were honored. Finally, around 10+ executives from Bangalore and Tumkur received their awards.
  5. Excellent Employees awards: About 30 employees from Oppo’s backend, service, training, finance, HR and marketing teams were awarded for their useful contributions in journey 2018. In the history of Oppo there are several key individuals who have contributed to the growth of the brand in their respective fields. Oppo has made it a practise to recognize and reward them on a regualr basis. Excellence meet is one such event where these Oppoers are honoured.

06:50 p.m.: Oppoers’ Experience Sharing

Yasir and Imran shared their experience about working Oppo for the past  5 years. Both of them exclaimed that Oppo was like an educational institution and they have learned a lot during their 5-year journey. They said they learned the art of marketing though Oppo. In a nutshell, their success mantra was dedication, passion, and self-belief. Both of them quoted that they had several role models like Salman to look up to. They also said that they were proud about the history of Oppo.

07:00 p.m.: Dance time again

07:10 p.m: 1st Lucky Draw aided by Undigit Media Solutions

Among around 2000 people, some lucky ones were selected randomly with the help of our custom designed web application. Undigit media solutions developed the web application. The front-end consisted of a spinning wheel, and all the 2000 numbers were displayed on the screen. The lucky ones were picked transparently by showing a fortune wheel which paused at random numbers.

07:30 p.m.: Octopus Dance

07:40 p.m: Video to thank business partners (made by OEC team)

A short 5 mintue video was made to thank the crucial business partners of Oppo. The prime contributors to the rich history of Oppo were also shown briefly.

07:50 p.m.: 2nd Set of Awards

Several business partners, dealers, and distributors from Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, Bellary, Kolar and so on were awarded for their hard work, perseverance, and success.

08:25 p.m.: Experience sharing by business partners

Business partners expressed that they were proud to be associated with a global brand like Oppo for the past 5 years.

08:35 p.m: Bollywood and Hip-hop performance by Energy team

08:45 p.m.: On-stage game – Making circles

08:55 p.m.: ‘Colors of India’ dance performance

09:05 p.m: 2nd lucky draw aided by Undigit Media Solutions 

Few people who were lucky enough to win the grand prize were immediately felicitated on the stage by Oppo Karnataka CEO, Mr. Jun Yang.

09:25 p.m.: Several dance performances including the last one which was for a Chinese song

09:45 p.m.: ‘Oppo dance’ by all Oppoers

09:55 p.m.: Dinner and Drinks

In a nutshell, the Oppo excellence meet was a good branding exercise where a sense of belongingness and pride was instilled in all Oppoers. CEO Mr.Jun Yang exclaimed that it was one big Oppo family coming together and it surely looked like one. The event was also successful in educating its team about the history of Oppo .

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