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Mobile Application Designs 2019 | MediaTalking

Mobile Application Designs 2019 | MediaTalking

Developing user-friendly mobile app designs requires creativity, expertise, and experience. An experienced design team can transform your ideas into attractive wireframes/ designs. Although some agencies charge you for hours invested in your project, most of them charge only for the outcomes. What’s more? They develop all kinds of apps – Android, iOS and hybrid.

In this article we learn about the services offered by app design agencies; various advantages Android / iOS app developments and other insights. This is a useful read for anyone looking to gain more knowledge into mobile application designs – be it business owners, developers or designers.

Services Offered By App Design Agency 

   1. Mobile App Strategy :

Mobile application designs are drawn based on the requirements of your business. The mobile app is usually designed to boost engagement among your customers and drive them to your brand page.

While finalizing the app strategy, developers should be able to find all the answers to the questions like – What is the purpose of the app? What kind of an audience is targeted? Is the app going to be free? And so on.

Developers must determine their competition, and engage in a detailed study about competitor’s app. They need to deeply consider what kind of features the competitor is offering, and how they can better them.

A good app design company would:

  • Create One-Of-Its-Kind App
  • Provide Customization For Various Platforms’
  • Use Cutting Edge Development Tools (To Keep Your App Ahead Of Its Time)
  • Well Thought Out Policies To Facilitate Efficient App Development

   2. Mobile App Design:

Designs are ideas that come alive. Prototypes and wireframes designed according to industry standards would help you to coordinate better with the designing team. Much like Marvel’s Tony Stark, you need to build a prototype beforehand to know how your UI would feel. Mobile app designs play a crucial part in app development.

App design agencies would:

  • Create Easy To Use UI / UX
  • Create Raw Prototype
  • Finalize Wire-Frame Design
  • Discuss At Length About Graphic Design (With the Client)

   3. Mobile App Development:

App development requires creativity, feasibility, and skills – at once! Mobile application designs are a testimony to the designer’s imagination. Development is a proof to the technical brilliance of the developers.

Typical app development will have the following:

  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Structured And Simplified Coding
  • Solution-Based Approach
  • Multi-OS Support

   4. App Porting

Recycling material is not only good for nature, but it is good for app development too. It ensures good Return-On-Investment (ROI). An experienced agency would have expertise in code re-usability. Needless to say that app porting is inexpensive when compared to building the app from scratch. Mobile application designs are however not duplicated, and only the coding part is ported.

App porting would ensure:

  • Cross-Platform Access For The App
  • Better ROI
  • Raise In User Base ( Due To Multi-Platforms)

   5. App Testing and Quality Control ( QC)

Standard and automated testing are done for all apps developed by the agency. A glitch-free experience for first-time users is ensured via exhaustive testing. The first test is called the User Acceptance Test (UAT). Then it moves to Beta testing. Developers must allow open participation for Beta testing. This layer of testing will provide more clarity. Only after rigorous testing, an app is approved, and a license is issued. Mobile application designs would be already approved in the design stage itself, and testing will be majorly done to make sure that the functionality is correct.

App testing would involve:

  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Software Integration Testing
  • Experienced QC Engineers

   6. App Deployment / Implementation

Once an app is tested thoroughly, it will be ready for a formal launch. For different app stores, there will be different policies for launching an app. After deployment, one of the first things that users notice is the mobile application designs.

“Every end is a new beginning” and this saying applies to app development, quite literally. The development of the next version of the app will begin on the day of its launch! Developers need to carefully analyze the feedback and focus on the long term improvements instead of resorting to just short term patching.

App deployment would involve:

  • Installation
  • Configuration

Advantages Of Mobile Application Designs And Development 

Before we decide to choose anything, it is human instinct to determine its advantages. Mobile application designs and development is like a vast ocean with pearls hidden in its ocean bed. Instead of a Lord-of-the-Rings type (laborious) walkthrough, let us brief you about the advantages in a part-by-part explanation, covering the benefits of Android, and iOS designs separately.

 Advantages of Android app development

  • Open Source

In Android mobile app design, one of the key features a mobile application designer could brag about when compared to an iOS platform is – open source. Open source makes designing more flexible and cost-efficient.

  • Android Market

We all know that the Android user market is a colossal one – accounting for 80% of the smartphone market. Developers can potentially target millions! Plus, Android market – much like Disney, is only going to get bigger.

  • Android Framework

Android offers designers a lot of convenience for mobile application designs and development. The OS also provides them with an automatic enhancement of User Interface on various other devices.

  • Android UI (User Interface)

If you are a developer, you seek simplicity in mobile application designs (UI), isn’t it? Android is the preferred choice of many developers as designing UI is a lot easier in this platform.

  • Easy To Build, Java-Based Apps

Android apps can be easily built because most of the Android mobile app development is done through Java. Many developers claim that building apps for Android is much simpler compared to iOS.

Unlike the Battle of the Five Armies, Android and iOS have only each other to worry about. Android has a much wider audience compared to iOS but iOS customers stick to the brand, and their loyalty is Apple’s main advantage.

Various Android App Development Services: 

There are multiple agencies which offer Android app development in Bangalore. The services provided by a typical agency include:

  • Android UI/UX Design (Mobile Application designs for Android OS)
  • Android Game Development
  • Android Wear Development
  • Enterprise Android App Development
  • Android App Integration
  • Custom Android App Development

Types of Android App Development:

1)    Android Native Apps Development

2)    Android Hybrid Apps Development

MediaTalking is an agency which does Android app development in Bangalore and also caters to iOS / hybrid app development requirements.

Advantages of iOS App Development 

  • iOS Security

Apple likes to flaunt about its security and more often than not, it doesn’t spare any chance to show its one-upmanship in front of its competitors. If you want to make an app for protecting delicate data, then iOS is your cherry wine.

  • iOS ROI (Return on Investment)

The App Store is a playground for geniuses. If you want to reap the monetary benefits of mobile application designs, then iOS gives you a higher chance. The App Store broke its personal record on Jan 1st, 2019 for most spending by customers. It was a happy holiday season for the App Store indeed!

  • iOS Branding

Apple is one of the most trusted brands on the planet and anything associated with Apple or iOS will be perceived as trustworthy by default. It is like, Apple having the Jedi mind control!

  • iOS CX

iOS is known for clean Customer Experience (CX). Apple’s exemplary hardware, customer support, and great functioning gained them satisfied and loyal customers. Hence, iOS is a great platform to create mobile app designs.

Android vs. iOS 

Most developers feel like they are choosing between Marvel and DC comics whenever they have to pick one among Android and iOS. As a mobile application designer, you must pick your poison according to what you want. You can go with Android for its simplicity and Open Source platform. Or, you can choose iOS for its sophistication and security.

Did You Know? 

What Is A Hybrid App?

A hybrid app is one which combines elements of both native and Web apps.

Mobile App Development 

Development is a skill and art. App development is no different. We have listed the significant languages, platforms, SDKs, and tools that are used in mobile application designs below:


  • Java
  • Python
  • Kotlin
  • Objective C
  • Swift


  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Sencha Touch
  • PhoneGap
  • Corona SDK

SDK ( Software Development Kit) 

  • Android SDK
  • Titanium Mobile SDK

Development Tools 

  • Android Studio
  • Andriod-IDE
  • Visual Studio
  • Xcode
  • Firebase tools

Cloud-Based App Development Vs Traditional App Development 

Cloud-based app development is better than traditional app development because:

  • Development And Deployment Is Faster

As we need not install hardware and software to create an app, the development and deployment is quicker. Mobile application designs can be designed faster with the help of the modern cloud platforms.

  • Back-Up Not Required

We need not maintain back-up for both hardware and software used for development.

  • Easy Access to Cutting Edge Technology

Access to upgraded technology is made easy thanks to cloud computing. Mobile application designs are developed using the most advanced tools available.

  • Higher Data Security

Cloud platforms have to comply to GDPR standards and hence higher data security is ensured.

  • Remote Access

Cloud computing allows remote access. Team members of the development team can work on the project from any part of the world. Sourcing talent is made easy!

  • Live Tracking

Cloud platform will allow you to track the money spent and resources utilized on each feature of the app.

  • Scalability

Both up-scaling and down-scaling are easy through cloud computing. If you don’t want to support some features and require lesser hardware/software, cloud platforms allow you to do the same.

App Development: Factors To Consider While Choosing Cloud-Based Platforms 

Irrespective of whether you are opting for IaaS/ PaaS or SaaS, the following factors can be considered while choosing cloud-based platforms:

  • Stability of Data-center and Quality

You need to pick a platform which does not go down when the number of users increase. A robust platform is the need of the day.

  • Tech Support

To ensure easy maintenance, proper tech support (voice / non-voice) is required. We recommend that you opt for those platforms which provide timely tech support to aid mobile application designs and development.

  • Number Of Satisfied Customers

More the number of users better is the platform. This metric is like an unwritten testimony.

  • Updated Policy

The platform which you are choosing should have policies which are updated so that it runs smoothly on modern technology and ensures good CX.

  • Level of Data Security

Data is the new gold, and unless it is secured, it will be hacked and misused. Look for platforms that comply with GDPR standards. This is one of the critical factors in deciding the best platform for mobile application designs and development.

  • Pricing

Check out the best offers, negotiate for discounts and make sure that you get a nice deal.

In a nutshell 

In the above blog post, we have dwelled on various aspects of mobile application designs and development. If you are a business owner, was the article able to give you pointers to pick the best app development agency? If you are an app developer or designer, do you agree with the views expressed in the write-up? Please leave your comments below.

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