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How Small Business Listings are getting affected by amature play of inappropriate Google My Business setup

How Small Business Listings Are Getting Affected By Amature Play Of Inappropriate Google My Business Setup

1. All you need to know about small business listing

Are you the owner of a small business?  Are you yet to get your local business listed? Are you planning to manage the listing of your small business on your own? Do you want to know how hiring a professional is good for small business listings? If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then the following write-up is just for you!

1.1 What is small business?

Any business which is independently owned and operated by a limited staff like your next door grocery store , restaurant or hair saloon can be referred as small business.

1.2 What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a unique service which helps you to showcase your enterprise on the Google map, upload posts, manage reviews, interact with your customers, analyze the customer behavior and so on.  Google listings by small business are known as small business listings.

1.3 Importance of Google My Business

Anyone who is looking for any product or service would first search for the same on Google and your enterprise would appear on the search page if you have got it optimized by using local SEO techniques. This is a lead generation strategy and would result in more footfalls for your business. Anyone who would search for the shortest route to reach you would also be notified about your operational hours, phone numbers, email & web addresses, special offers which you might be running among other useful information. Therefore managing your business listing is very important. Business owners are yet to realize the importance of small business listings, and you might be at the risk of losing revenue if your business listing is not done with an optimized description that best suits your line of business.

1.4 Why is it called “local listing”?

Google provides a listing for your products/services with useful descriptions and contact information based on the location from which related product/ service was searched. Small business listing assumes importance as they create an identity for their business, build credibility, improve branding, showcase new products/services, advertise about new offers, notify about holidays/business hours and so on.

1.5 What is local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of showcasing the product or service of your enterprise to the local audience (surrounding geographical area) at the exact time that they are searching for the same. It is done by optimizing the local listing of your enterprise online. Local SEO will optimize your small business listing so that your enterprise is found more often on related local search results. Local SEO can help you a great deal in boosting up the Google My Business listing of your enterprise.

1.6 Why does reputation on Google My Business matter?

Research suggests that about 66.6% of the users worldwide will check out the review of an enterprise before visiting the same. It is a quick and effective way of checking if the enterprise is worth visiting or buying from. What’s more? It is free and anyone with a smartphone can check the review of almost any enterprise on the globe! Thus it is important to maintain your online reputation. Small business listings’ reputation has to be well managed to improve footfalls and generate more business.

1.7 How are small businesses affected by improper management by amateurs?

Instead of dwelling into the disadvantages of DIY ( Do It Yourself) approach to local listing, we would like to put forth the various advantages of hiring a professional for managing your small business listing:

1.7.1 A proper description of your product/ service:

Having relevant information on your Google My Business page is as important as having the right menu card for customers in a restaurant. Google is probably the face of your enterprise as most of the customers would search for your enterprise before walking into it or making a purchase. Well-written, useful, crisp content which is SEO friendly is the need of the hour and digital marketing agencies deliver exactly the same!

1.7.2 Correct classification of your product /service:

There are enough surprises in the world already! You are always at the risk of giving an unpleasant surprise for your customer if your product or service is different from what is being portrayed online. Therefore it is necessary to classify your enterprise into the exact category of business where it belongs to. Further, you don’t want to miss out on business opportunities just because you have missed mentioning it in your description. Also, you would have added few more services in your kitty recently and you are yet to add it online!

1.7.3 Review management:

Online reputation of your enterprise is continuously monitored if you delegate it to an expert. Each reviewer would be made to feel important and digital marketing agencies would employ different techniques to get more (positive) reviews.

1.7.4 Your enterprise will gain from the services of an experienced, skilled professional:

Niels Bohr said, “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” Any one who tries to manage his enterprises’ local business listing on his own will risk not being able to match up to professional standards that his rivals would set!

1.7.5 Exact pin pointing of your businesses’ location on Google map:

What if your potential customer passes just beside your shop without even realizing it? Making the location of you. It would also save you from the embarrassment of disappointed reviewers who would have invested their valuable time to find your enterprise.

1.7.6 Saves you time and effort in managing the your business listing:

Delegating right things to the right people at the right time is the key to any business and letting experts handle your small business listing would help you to concentrate on the core areas of your business. Although creating a local listing for your enterprise might look pretty straight forward, maintaining the same requires skill, understanding of the online world, time and effort.

1.7.7 Updating and maintaining a small business listing will be taken care off:

Maintaining your Google My Business page will be done on a daily basis and all the existing offers or holiday notifications will be mentioned on the page when you hire a marketing professional.

For example, let us take the example of a small restaurant. If the reviews are not managed from time to time, a bad review left years ago can still play spoilsport in his efforts to get online orders. Even if the restaurant owner has changed the chef or the process of preparation, it would not be reflected to the online audience and they would still decide their purchase based on the review that someone left some years ago. Managing small business listing is therefore necessary. Techniques such as Local SEO are employed for your Google My Business page in order to optimize the local listing of your enterprises.

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