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Features of Google My Business and how to make the most of them

Features Of Google My Business And How To Make The Most Of Them

Key Features of Google My Business

Let us ponder into the features of Google My Business and see how those can be leveraged to bring in more business:

1. Posts with links to your website

Anyone who searches for a product or service related to your vertical would be taken to your Google My Business page where they can also view your posts. What’s more? There is an option to link those posts to your website. This feature of Google My Business can be leveraged to bring in more visitors to your websites. That would automatically result in lead generation and yield sales.

2. Question and Answers

Anyone with a Google account can ask any question regarding your business, and it can be answered by anyone else with a Google account. This feature of Google My Business is useful to build engagement. This could even result in the creation of an online community which is buzzing with information on your enterprise.

3. Photos and a 360-degree view of your enterprise

You can upload photos of your enterprise along with a video showcasing the 360-degree view of your enterprise. Posting as many pictures as you can and posting regularly would bring a sense of genuineness to your business. Pictures speak a thousand words. You could leverage this feature of Google My Business effectively by inviting your customers or local guides to post pictures of your enterprise.

4. Address and location on Google Map

Optimizing the location of your business on the Google map ensures that your enterprise is found easily by your potential customers and this will increase footfalls to your store. This is one of the basic features of Google My Business and mapping your business to your exact location is probably the first step towards optimizing your local listing.

5. Messaging

You can receive inquiries or messages to your registered mobile number by activating a simple feature on your Google My Business page. This feature of Google My Business is yet to be made use of to the fullest as many business owners have not activated the messaging option. Messaging would probably help when you don’t want to miss out on business while you are not available for calls. This simple feature is an effective tool which would make sure that you don’t lose out on your customers.

6. Make an appointment option

You can upload relevant URL and take the visitors of listings directly to your ’book an appointment’ page. This will ensure that you won’t lose a potential customer by not pitching in at the right time. The time window that a visitor stays on your website is short, and you need to have all the links necessary if someone is looking for a quick appointment. When you look at the most under-used feature of Google My Business which would directly result in better sales, we will pick this one.

You would know most of the points discussed above apart from the ones about messaging and booking appointment options which are not yet used widely. But, it is always a good idea to implement a good idea, and we hope that this write-up brings the focus back to the basics to help your business to rank in local search engines.

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