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3 deciding factors to outrank your competitor in a local search

3 Deciding Factors To Outrank Your Competitor In A Local Search

You need to outrank your competitor and be visible when someone is searching for a product or service near your business location. To outrank your competitor, you need to know the deciding factors that make or break the deal for you. Here are the 3 deciding factors for outranking your competitor:


You can outrank your competitor by making sure that you appear in the ‘local 3 pack’ when someone in the close proximity is searching for a product or service like yours. The closeness of your enterprise to the location from where the local search is initiated plays a major role in deciding whether you feature in the local three packs or not.


The service offered by your enterprise should be an exact match or a near match to the search string of your potential customer. Google bots dissipate the search string and compare it with all the indexed local listings and web pages. The most relevant or the closest listings/web pages that will match the search string entered by the user is displayed on the Google search result page. You can outrank your competitor by using appropriate tags and keywords in your listing/webpage.

Ratings and Reviews

Good ratings and reviews make sure that your enterprise makes it to the elite ‘local 3 pack’! The higher the rating, the better are the chances of making it to the ‘local 3 pack’. Getting your enterprise listed on the ‘local 3 pack’ automatically brings in great visibility for anyone who is looking for a product or service like yours in your locality. You can encourage your happy customers to write reviews on your Google page and offer discounts for the same. You could also offer coupon codes to avail special discounts if you are completely an online store. You can outrank your competitor by making sure that you get positive reviews regularly. It is also necessary to avoid negative reviews. You could flag the reviews if you find it inappropriate.

3 simple but effective things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to outrank your competitor in local search engine are as discussed above. Proper local SEO management is an effective way of increasing footfalls and increasing sales in your store.  We think that ratings and reviews is the single most important factor which would help you to outrank your competitor in local search results. Do you agree with us? Leave your comments below.

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