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10 Advantages of local SEO

10 Advantages Of Local SEO

10 Major benefits you can get by doing local SEO in a correct way.

This article is a useful read for anyone who owns an enterprise or looking to start or improve the listing of his Google My business page. Several advantages of local SEO are discussed in a simple manner in this blog post. We have come up with an exhaustive list of 10 advantages of local SEO for your business.

  1. Local customers are turning to the internet to find a product or service near them

    The first face of your business is no longer your showroom, but it is now the online listing of your business! Even before knowing your brand name or store location, he would first get to know about your enterprise through your local listing. A properly maintained online listing would ensure that you would be visible to people who are searching for a service like yours in your business locality at the exact time when they are looking for the same. This unique advantage of local SEO would translate into more visitors for your listing/website. Depending on the content/value addition or the solutions you offer, the click-through rate can improve too. Better click-through rates would, in turn, result in business inquiries which would finally lead to an actual

  2. Highly targeted and timely

    Be visible at the right place at the right time by leveraging your optimized local listing. This feature is the biggest advantage of local SEO. When your business listing is featured in the first page of Google search page, then your business gains a lot of visibility among your target audience. The unique advantage of using digital marketing is that you can narrow down your marketing efforts just for your target audience instead of dissipating message on broadcasting media. The timing at which an advertisement or link is shown up is precisely the timing at which a user is looking for a product or service like yours.

  3. Highest conversion rate

    The timing at which the ad or listing about your business is displayed is the key to ensuring good conversion As the online marketing is completely driven by user-generated searches, you can be sure that your ad or listing is being pitched into someone who is looking for the same or at least searching for something related to the same. This is a big advantage of local SEO, and this feature aids a lot in improving your conversion rate (visitors to customers).

  4. Mobile internet is ever expanding

    The click through and conversion rate of mobile searches are significantly more than that of desktops. With the penetration of smartphones into tier two cities, mobile searches are playing a decisive role in lead generation. Google accounts to about 80 percent of searches online, and according to an official statement by the search engine giant, more than 50 percent of Google searches are now done through smartphones. Advantages of local SEO can be exploited to the fullest by optimizing your local listing.

  5. Good ROI

    Local SEO has an irrefutable record of yielding good Return On Investment ( ROI), irrespective of the nature or size of business. From a financial perspective, this advantage of local SEO makes it the clear winner when it is compared to traditional marketing channels.

  6. Leave your competitors behind – Only 44% of business have claimed their listing

    Claiming your listing and maintaining the same would ensure ownership and management of your digital presence. This is the first and foremost step in optimizing your local listing. It is absolutely necessary to verify your Google listing to control what is being written online about your enterprise. Although it is pretty simple ( You need to just apply for a Google postcard), a whopping 44% of businesses have not claimed their listing. A simple task like claiming your listing will let your enterprise enjoy the various advantages of local SEO.

  7. It is absolutely free

    As of now, the Google listing is absolutely free, and it would continue to be so in the near future. Looking at the advantage that Google brings to your enterprise, it is surprising that it is still free. It is now up to you to get the maximum out of it. Affordability is a big advantage of local SEO.

  8. Print media is falling

    Gone are the days when you would feel that advertising in local newspapers would ensure more footfalls. There are more effective, smarter, inexpensive ways of marketing! With the advent of social media and the penetration of smartphones into tier 2 cities, internet marketing is the new way of effective promotion. This advantage of local SEO has to be made use of by keeping your local listing updated.

  9. 85% trust online reviews on par with personal recommendations

    An interesting, as well as good news for the businesses, is that reviews from unknown people online are trusted by around 85% of the population which speaks volumes about the importance of review As netizens are trusting their counterparts more and more, managing reviews has become all the more important. To tap into the advantages of local SEO, you need to find ways to get more positive reviews and avoid the negative ones.

  10. Voice-based searches are most often used for local searches

    Voice based searches are more often done with a local intent to it, and local SEO is gaining more value due to the same. As most voice-based searches have a local objective behind, you need to get the listing of your enterprise optimized and exploit this advantage. Voice search is relatively new and the digital world is yet to realize how it adds an extra zing to the many advantages of local SEO.

In a nutshell, doing local SEO for your enterprise or getting it done through a digital marketing agency is a clever and profitable exercise. Do you agree? Leave your comments below.

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